Talent: what’s yours?

AnnieM, July 6, 2010

Are you news-savvy? If you are, you would have noticed the consistently depressing public sector stories that are prevalent in the media right now. Community Secretary Eric Pickles, attacking councils for their ‘non jobs’, the capping of civil servant redundancy payments, the civil service strikes, the warning over 600,000 public sector job cuts.  As a full-time job seeker the news is certainly depressing. You’d be forgiven for thinking that now would not be a good time to enter public sector employment, or that those in public sector are only looking for a particular type of person.

But at Jobsgopublic, we are trying to change all that. We believe that every person brings their own unique skills and abilities regardless of background, ethnicity or religion. Indeed, there are often vast talent pools within social groups that are overlooked because employers are sometimes too specific as to the type of person they are looking for. But this is changing. Jobsgopublic believe that talent should be upheld for everyone and we are passing this on to our public sector clients. Employers are starting to look outside the box and embrace talent from all backgrounds and professions. It’s not just transferrable skills: it’s about ability and knowledge, too.

Because there is talent in every candidate, as a job seeker, it is important to think about your own unique talent when filling out application forms. Be clear about yours. What is amazing about you? What skills can you bring to the role? What makes you different to the other candidates? Important questions, and ones that should be thought about. So remember, put your talent on the table (as it were) and let employers see it.