Things Your Interviewer Doesn’t Want To Hear

Sam Wilson, November 26, 2013

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An interview is your opportunity to showcase your skills, talk about your experience and demonstrate why you are the perfect person for the job. Far too many candidates throw away this opportunity and ruin their chances by talking about things that the interviewer simply has no interest in hearing.  Don’t let yourself succumb to these often far too tempting mistakes. Below are some prime examples.


How much you need the job.

It might have been a long time since you’ve been in work and this interview is a shining glimmer of hope. You might feel that showing how much you want the job will be an indication of how hard you will work. Unfortunately your interviewer is unlikely to see it this way. Desperation is never attractive and they would much rather have someone who is confident and they have to chase. No matter how much you want the job go into the interview with confidence and make them want you for the right reasons.

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How much you dislike your old boss.
We’ve all had jobs we couldn’t wait to leave and bosses who made our lives hell. However unpleasant these memories, they are always best left in the past. Your interviewer doesn’t want to hear about problems you’ve had with your previous employer, it will never work in your favour. Stick with positive points, highlight what you have learnt from your previous positions and always give the impression that you have always been a pleasure to work with. Don’t let unpleasant past experiences ruin your future prospects.

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 Anything that you can’t back up with an example.

It’s really important that you go into an interview prepared with examples of your achievements and skills. Whether this is how playing in a sports team helped develop your ability to work as part of a team or handling multiple client accounts improved your time management. If you can’t provide an example for anything you say then it could look like a lie and once that is the case it will be incredibly difficult to redeem yourself. Read the job description, think about the skills they are looking for and prepare examples to demonstrate that you possess them.

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Everything about their company, especially if they didn’t ask.

It is obviously essential that you can demonstrate a good knowledge of what the company does, however the interviewer knows when the company was founded, who its clients are and how many employees they have and don’t need you to remind them. What your interviewer wants to hear when they ask the question “what do you know about our company?” is what you understand about the nature of the business, the role that you would play if you were offered the position and why that interests you. A pre-prepared company biography will not impress them so don’t waste the precious time you have with them.

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There are times when silence is golden, after an interviewer has asked a question is not one of those times. You should of course take a moment to consider your answer but an answer needs to come. We’ve all had that awful moment when your mind has gone blank and the English language has completely escaped your grasp, in this instance take a deep breath, a drink of water, let everything slow down in your mind and answer the question. An interview is your opportunity to talk, don’t let that opportunity disappear into silence. No pressure.

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Your interviewer wants to give you the job, you just need to tell them why they should. Go prepared, stay positive, keep the content relevant and you’ll find you have success more often than not. Good luck.