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Sam Wilson, February 18, 2014

Occupations You May Not Have Considered in the Public and Not-for-profit Sectors 

When asked recently about their impressions of working in the Public sector, a group of graduates painted a verbal picture of a sleepy council office full of ageing employees where the internet still works on a dial up system that makes all those funny noises. The reality is a world away from this and the Public and Not-for-profit sectors offer a wide range of exciting employment opportunities that you may never have considered.

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Community outreach and engagement roles offer the opportunity for motivated individuals to work with various service providers or directly with members of the community. The aim will always be to ensure that the local community have access to the best possible services and facilities. This can go as far as ensuring that young people in deprived areas have access to sports and arts programmes that provide alternatives to the possibility of entering situations which can lead to criminal activity.

Roles such as these are active, rewarding and incredibly varied and provide exciting career opportunities for driven, ambitious and charitable individuals.

There are a number of routes into this sector, options include volunteering with various community schemes around your area or finding support worker positions.

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Many associate the charity sector with volunteering and there a lot of opportunities for those that have the time and means to volunteer for some very deserving causes. Volunteering or finding internships are also an excellent way into full-time jobs in this sector.

However for those that aren’t able to volunteer there are a number of exciting roles to work for charities.

An essential aspect of a charity is the fundraising and this goes far beyond those poor souls that stand out on the high street in the cold being avoided and ignored by 99% of those that pass by. Fundraising occurs on a much larger scale and requires talented individuals to drive it. Fundraising work includes sophisticated digital marketing techniques, event organisation skills (often on a massive scale) and a keen business acumen. These are skills that would often be associated with the private sector but are essential for any charity to operate successfully.

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Social Care

Whilst this is an occupation that people are more familiar with in theory but in practice actually know very little about.

Social Care roles offer a huge variety of opportunities to provide help to those in need. This can take many forms, there are opportunities to help those with learning or physical disabilities access education or generally live independent lives.

Social workers have the opportunity to significantly impact the lives of vulnerable people. This sector also offers fantastic opportunities for progression with those at a more senior level influencing practice and policy. Without dedicated people working in these roles then these services would not be able to function.

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We all value the green spaces around us however they don’t stay beautiful by themselves. There are a number of different positions that focus on the conservation of local green spaces ensuring that they are maintained properly. This allows the opportunity to work outdoors and ensure the preservation of local parks, commons and gardens.

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…and now for something completely different.

Here at Jobsgopublic we have seen a lot of jobs come through over the years but every now and again one comes in that is unlike any other.

Hertfordshire County Council are currently offering a unique opportunity for a self motivated, enthusiastic and reliable individual to take a lead role in a crucial service. This individual would be responsible for supervising, recruiting and training individuals playing vital roles in securing the safety of children in the county.

The role is Area Supervisor for Safe and Sustainable Journeys (School Crossing Patrol) and the individuals in question are the ever helpful and always jolly people who ensure that school children are kept safe crossing the road before and after school. The beloved ‘lollipop’ men and women are a fixture of most childhoods and this is the chance to recruit and train them!

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Unfortunately not all jobs in the Public and Not-for-profit sectors can provide this level of excitement however I hope that this article has provided some insight into the opportunities available. The public sector has changed and there are exciting prospects and futures on offer for those that take the time to consider them.