Times Best Council to Work for 2008

admin, September 23, 2008

It has been released...

For many your work, career choice, work aspirations help to define you as a person.  It's always interesting to find out how organisations compare to aspects of your work life that interest you.  Is it training, wellness,  a work/home balance or flexible working that tips the scales in which council interests you?

Times Online in association with the Improvement and Development Agency and Local Government Employers Association have just released their Best Councils to Work for 2008 list.

Councils are ranked on their flexible working, sabbatical or career breaks, wellness, charity work (for staff) and women in senior management.  The survey has heavy input from employees with over 48,000 survey been distributed to participating councils and to be eligible, a council has to return at least 30% of these.

Best Council to Work for 2008 website

Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA)

Local Government Employers

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