How to turn around a bad day at work

Sam Wilson, April 25, 2014

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We are delighted to present the first article from our Content Partners at Career Savvy. Career Savvy is a free, online magazine full of helpful advice for jobseekers and anyone looking to climb the career ladder. They give you helpful tips and advice to get you employed or promoted faster, without the dry, boring bits. Check out issues here.

The first instalment in this brand new partnership discusses ways in which you can turn around a bad day at work. Enjoy!

Everyone has had ‘one of those days’, where absolutely nothing seems to be going your way and the world is almost definitely against you. But a bad day at work is only going to get worse if you don’t at least try and do something about it. Next time it happens to you, think back to these little tips about how to turn a bad day around, and thank your lucky stars that Career Savvy are on hand to help.

There’s no point in keeping negative feelings bottled up, ready to unleash on an unsuspecting colleague. You’re better off politely warning them that you’re having a bad day, as being quiet and guarded will only make them think that they’ve done something wrong.

It’s also a good idea to start daydreaming – not in general – but in this case, thinking back to why you’re in a foul mood and trying to remedy it could put you back on track for the day.

Whilst we wouldn’t want you to think that we often advocate daydreaming at work, we’re just going to recommend it one more time: promise! Try thinking about stuff to look forward to in the future – by then you will have most likely completely forgotten about this bad day.

Although starting a working day with incessant daydreaming followed by a leisurely walk isn’t likely to appeal to your boss too much, having a stroll during a break or at lunchtime can help to clear your head and take your mind off everything. Whilst you’re walking you could also treat yourself to a lunch that goes beyond a timid-looking ham sandwich - you would be surprised how a lunchtime treat can make you feel so much better.

You could also try chatting to upbeat co-workers to try and see if they can cheer you up. Their positivity might end up rubbing off on you and start improving your outlook for the day.

Social media can be a really useful tool for many things – staying in touch with friends and family, keeping up to date with the latest news and even job hunting – but recent studies have indicated that it has negative side effects too. Doctors believe that on Facebook it is never healthy to constantly compare yourself to peers in terms of achievements and even number of online friends. Sign out and don’t sign back in, we know it’s tempting, but it will do nothing to relieve your bad day.

If you ever arrive at work, university or college on a miserable Monday morning and suddenly get that feeling of déjà vu - yes, one of those days again - it might be worth thinking back to the last bad day you had and how you got over it. Soon, you could become an expert in dealing with bad days and be the envy of all your colleagues.

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