Twelve Stages of Graduate Job Searching

Hannah Winterman, June 27, 2017

So you’ve graduated from university. What now?

1. Celebration – You’re free from university life, the world is yours!


2. Blissful denial – You enjoy your freedom. You’ve got loads of time to find a job. After three longs years of essays and exams, you deserve to watch an entire Netflix series in a day.

3. Realisation – Suddenly reality hits you. You can no longer call yourself a student. You’ve joined the ranks of the unemployed.


4. Taking action –It’s time to update your CV. You add your best university grades, as well any projects you’ve been a part of. You list your work experience, showing evidence of your skills.

5. Digital Cleanse – Lock up your Facebook, set those fresher’s pictures to private and delete those inappropriate tweets! If you haven’t already, now’s the time to set up your LinkedIn profile. You want employers to see the very best version of yourself.


6. Focus – You apply for everything, you’re a job searching pro.

7. Disappointment – You’ve been applying for a while and still no sign of the dream job. All your friends seem to be getting jobs except you. You worry you’re not ever going to get a job.


8. Determination – You keep on going. You review your skills and your experience to highlight your strengths. You fine-tune your job search, applying for things that suit your skill set and that you know you’ll be great at.

9. It all starts to come together – You begin to get replies for your applications and you’ve managed to secure some interviews.

10. Interview prep – A mixture of excitement and panic sets in as you prepare yourself for the big day. You practise your interview questions and answers, making sure you’re giving examples of when you demonstrated your skills. The entire contents of your wardrobe is on your bed, but at least you’ve finally found something to wear.


11. The Waiting Game – You’ve had that second interview and now all you can do is wait. Between over analysing and cringing at every one of your answers, you check your inbox religiously, waiting for that all important email.

12. The job offer – All your hard work has finally paid off! It’s time to crack open your beverage of choice and look forward to this new and exciting journey you’re beginning.


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