Using Twitter to Find a Job

James, November 9, 2012

Here is the last post in our three part series focussing on Twitter. Now that you are signed up after following our easy guide and have got your head around all the Twitter jargon using our dictionary, it is time to use the platform to help your job search.

Finding A Job

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Twitter is one of the most useful social media sites online nowadays. Users can keep up to date with breaking news as well as planned events and interesting articles through a variety of special ways as Twitter's popularity continues to grow.

In the current job market, potential employees have to be more creative in the ways they go about seeking new job opportunities. The continuous use of social media sites, which have become part of our everyday routine, is one such way. However, it can also be a tool in the quest for that perfect job. Here are a few tips to help you on your way.

Tweet Content

The most obvious piece of advice to those using the site to search for work is to watch what you 'tweet'; this applies to those experienced with the site and those who are still finding their feet. For Twitter to work, you have to know the industry your preferred future career lies in and need to ensure your tweets are directed in this direction. Keep your tweets light-hearted and amusing or perhaps share links to popular and interesting news articles.

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For those unfamiliar with the term, users may “re-tweet” certain tweets or links that come across their timeline via another person. This form of networking is another smart way in which to maximise your opportunities. By representing yourself on Twitter, you're establishing credibility and saying more about yourself than any personal statement ever could.


Hashtag | Jobsgopublic

Setting Twitter apart from the rest of the social media world is its inventive use of the hashtag. Everything on Twitter, every important and specific thing will have its own hashtag. To search for jobs, you may have to be inventive and use the best of your ability to find something suitable rather than typing in '#jobs'. Again, it's important to be specific and know exactly what you're looking for.

By adding hashtags to your own tweets, you can be found by others in similar networks or industry and so it's a wonderfully subtle way to go about your job-search. Hashtags keep content organised and are used liberally on Twitter.

Follow and Network

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Whilst it's great advice to follow specific companies and recruitment agencies who post daily job ads for potential employees, Twitter is an efficient way to get to know others in a similar position to yourself and ties in with the age-old saying: "it's not what you know, it's who you know."

By using the Search bar or following those with a similar background, you can start your network and use the List function to categorise your followers. This is an ideal way for new users to start as people will take notice of who they are following and who is following them.

Profile Expansion

Perhaps the most important and significant tip is to ensure that people will linger on your profile. When searching someone's profile, other users will consult their timeline to read their industry related tweets before moving to their profile page. Ensure your image is appropriate and fill in your personal bio with enthusiasm as well as being clear about who you are and what you want and if used correctly, it should produce positive results.

With all these things considered you will be giving yourself a great chance in your search for a job. We hope you have enjoyed Twitter week on the blog, any questions please don’t hesitate to comment. All that is left to say is good luck from Jobsgopublic