What do you look for in a workplace?

admin, June 20, 2008

We visited Google Offices in Victoria, which I have to say has some particularly funky add-ons I noticed as I was walking around. It got me thinking, what makes people enjoy their work? What sort of environment, culture, work environment makes you really enjoy and achieve in your job?

I know for some, having 'corporate' dress is what makes them get into 'work-mode', yet for others it seems unnecessary and makes them feel uncomfortable. Office space doesn't need to be completely kitted-out to be effective or to encourage a great work environment. But having the essentials to perform is always the necessary.

Work perks are great, but I know personally for me, having a great and supportive team does wonders in promoting positive job experience and team success. I also quite enjoy Friday's here at Jobsgopublic as we are greeted with breakfast (croissant, bacon sarnies, muesli, fruit) and then in the afternoon the competitve side of jobsgopublic comes out when the nintendo wii is switched on at about 4.30pm for some workplace fun.

What are your work perks? What do you look for when your job seeking and checking out organisations? Does 'how green your office is' affect your decision to work for an organisation? For others office location is a priority, public transport or parking, or having a company mobile are factors that influence your job of choice.