What to do with a 2:2?

Arran Williams, September 29, 2015

Graduating from university can be scary for anyone. The safety net of education has been pulled from under us and it’s time to face the big wide world. But all is well because you have a 2:1 or even better a 1st.
Oh wait, you have ended up with the supposedly dreaded 2:2?! Time to panic! Sound the alarms! Disappear into a hole!

By now I hope that you have gathered that I am speaking sarcastically. When I finished my university degree with a 2:2, I too had mixed feelings towards the grade. I didn’t know if I’d be able to get into the profession that I had studied for and was passionate about, or if I would have to settle for something else less fulfilling.

The truth of the matter is that it is far from the end of the world. When looking for a job, do not let your grade hinder your confidence. Many employers are not going to focus solely on your grade, they’ll assess your character, personality and your ability to learn the job.

To help you out I have put together 6 top tips that can help you out whilst job hunting with a 2:2 grade.

Top 6 tips

1.Two-people-shaking-hands-007 Make yourself known - It is important to actively put yourself out there. Building a rapport with future employers can be done by simply picking up the phone and calling to follow up on applications. When following up for the position and organisation introduce yourself and show enthusiasm. Also take advantage of social media. Platforms such as LinkedIn are great for building relationships and making yourself known. In a similar way to a phone call, you can send a direct message to your potential future employer expressing your interest in the job as well checking on the status of your application.

2. Understand that you are a lot more than your grade – Although it may seem that your grade is the biggest achievement that you have taken away from uni, you may be surprised at the amount of transferable skills that you have gained. For example, all of those late nights in the library perfecting your group presentations for the morning after are not in vain. They have helped you develop key teamwork skills. The skills that you have taken from team projects have taught you everything from improving your communication skills, to having to deal with difficult team members. Public speaking, co-ordination and delegation are just some of the other major skills that you may not even know that you have picked up also.

3. socila media Show a keen interest within your chosen sector – Becoming friends with social media can really help you out here. Post, like, share and re-tweet relevant information from your desired profession and let employers know that you are really interested in the sector. This also shows that you are up to date with current affairs.

4. Show off extra curricular activity - Showing off extra things that you have done during your time at university (social clubs, sports clubs, working at the student union ect) will help to put you above the competition. Employers love to see that you have different interests outside academia as it reveals a little more of your personality. This also demonstrates your ability to work under pressure alongside your leadership skills.

5. Don’t Settle – It may be easy to put yourself down and tell yourself that, due to your grade, the only job you can get will be one that doesn’t show off your skill set. Hold that thought right there! Granted there are some graduate schemes that only advertise for graduates with a 2:1 or above, however there are many other avenues such as apprenticeships and internships to not be looked over.

It is important to pursue your passion, apply apply apply! You will eventually succeed.

6. DeterminedRemain Determined – One of the most important things is to remain determined. You may feel that someone with a higher grade is more likely to fill the position that you are going for, however in a lot of cases this is simply not true. If you land an interview, show your employer your determination by making sure they know that you are prepared to go above and beyond within the workplace. This is a great reflection of your character and something that is worth a lot more than your grade.

I hope that these tips help you out and put you on the right track with what to do with your 2:2 grade. Remember, the path for applying for jobs can be tough for anyone, no matter what grade they have achieved, so it is always important to remain positive.

Have you recently graduated with a 2:2?
If you have any additional advice, feel free to share them in the comments below.