Why an Apprenticeship could be for you

Arran Williams, January 8, 2019

So, you’ve finished college or perhaps graduated from university and are currently thinking ‘what’s next for me?’ It could be that you still need extra skills and qualifications to land the role that you’ve been dreaming about.


Well, have you ever considered an apprenticeship?


‘What’s an apprenticeship and why could it be the answer?’ I hear you ask!


Here’s why it could be one of the best decisions you make in your career:

Boost your skill set

Although the skills you learn through your education are undeniably useful, there is nothing like real hands-on experience in the world of work. Apprenticeships allow you to take on challenges and tasks that would not be possible in a class room, significantly enhancing your skill set.

Earn while you learn

Not only will you be learning and developing your knowledge in the field of your chosen apprenticeship, you’ll also be earning money as well! This is a win-win (especially as a recent graduate with those loans looming!)

Improve employability

Having likely spent the majority of your time up until this point in education, you might be thinking that your CV is a little on the lighter side.

Completing an apprenticeship can really help add some meat to it and put you in the spotlight for prospective employers.


Not only does an apprenticeship give you some real work experience to shout about, but it might also help you get onto that 2nd page.

Grow your confidence

Doing an apprenticeship can be a real confidence booster. From making decisions, to growing relationships in the work place – you can find a new sense of independence and assurance in your approach to work and outlook on life!

Job progression

Apprenticeships can be the perfect opportunity for job and career progression. In many cases, people start off as an apprentice and then are offered more permanent roles – based on their hard work, dedication and fit in an organisation.


So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Jobsgopublic.com and apply for an apprenticeship today!


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