Why I became a teacher…& why I love it

Sam Wilson, May 15, 2015

Chemistry Teacher with Students in ClassTeaching is an ancient profession. For as long as there has been knowledge to pass on, members of society have been doing just that. Skip forward to modern day and there are hundreds of thousands of people in the UK who dedicate their lives to educating others. So what is it that draws people to this profession and continues to do so?

We spoke to some teachers in a range of positions to find out what got them into teaching and what it is that they love about it.

Jane, 27

“I got into teaching because I’ve always had a really strong desire to help others, I did think about professions such medicine or even charity work but always came back to teaching. There was something that really grabbed me about the opportunity to help young people reach their potential and I’ve always considered education as an extremely powerful tool in that regard. “

“The thing I love most about teaching is the knowledge that I’m influencing children’s lives, there are days when my class leave and I know that have had a positive impact on them. I also like to think that I’m playing a pivotal role in helping them better themselves.”

Chris, 34

“To be completely honest, I rather fell into teaching. I wasn’t sure what to do when I finished my degree and my tutor suggested I go on to do a PGCE so I went for it. Looking back I’m so pleased that I did”

“My favourite thing about teaching is that every single day is different. Each has fresh challenges and experiences which means that I’m always learning and developing. I have been at my current school for 5 years and the senior teachers have been incredible in supporting my development. Working in that kind of atmosphere is great and makes me excited about the future.”

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Stephanie, 23

“For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a teacher, I had some fantastic teachers when I was really young and that has always stuck with me. When it came to deciding what to do when I finished school there was really no other option as far as I was concerned.”

“I’m just finishing my NQT year and my favourite thing about teaching is that I look forward to going to work every single day. It’s not without its challenges but I haven’t had a single day when I’ve not looked forward to getting in and starting my classes.”

Peter, 41

“I had a fantastic teacher who really helped me turn things around when I was about 15 and set me on a path where I could do things that I never thought I would, like go to university. Ever since then I liked the idea of doing the same thing for others.”

“My favourite thing about teaching is the feeling that you’ve really got through to someone and had a positive impact. I’ve been teaching for many years now but I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of that feeling.”

teaching 2

Simon, 31

“ I got into teaching because I believe very strongly in the role that education should play in a child’s life. I think that a good education is the most valuable thing in kid’s development and I wanted to play a role in that.”

“I get a lot of satisfaction working with kids who are full of energy and so inquisitive. I like to encourage them to ask questions and be curious and want to know more. Young children also come out with some of the funniest things I have ever heard.”

From speaking to the people above it is clear that not only do people get into teaching for very different reasons but there is also a great number of ways in which teachers get a huge amount of satisfaction from the work they do. Talking to people like the above helps us get an idea why this is an area that continues to thrive and will continue to do so.