Wokingham Borough Council’s Innovation Programme offer social workers the chance to rethink social work practice

Sam Wilson, July 27, 2017

We have found that increasing numbers of social workers find themselves frustrated by bureaucracy and bogged down with paper work. This prevents them from being able to do the work they entered into the profession to achieve to deliver care and protection to those who really need it.

Thankfully there are authorities that are transforming the way they practice in order to truly serve children and families. One such organisation is Wokingham Borough Council. They are in the process of implementing the DFE Innovation Programme through the development of The Practice Framework, which has seen them embrace the Signs of Safety approach to social work.

Signs of Safety is a strength and risk based approach which allows social workers to build collaborative relationships with children and families. This offers the opportunity for increasing direct work with children and their families and combined with other approaches developed in the Practice Framework allows the delivery of individual and creative services and care planning.

Wokingham benefit significantly from having Professor Eileen Munro as a leading figure in their Innovation Programme. Along with Andrew Turnell and Terry Murphy, they are responsible for developing the Signs of Safety approach and in collaboration with Wokingham, they have been central to driving forward the changes to children’s services .

Embracing this new approach to social work places Wokingham on the forefront of social work innovation. Having reshaped practice, Wokingham’s Children’s Services are now purely focussed on delivering the highest level of care. Their team members enjoy a stable working environment and the freedom and space to think and make their own decisions.

Wokingham are standing on the cusp of changing the face of social work. They are now in need of ambitious and dedicated professionals to help them continue to drive the service towards its incredibly exciting future.

If you are looking for the opportunity to practice social work free from convention and genuinely make a difference then head over to www.wokinghamsocialcarejobs.co.uk and find out more.

“I have a very supportive team where colleagues are willing to offer support and advice in a respectful way.”

“The training offered and career progression has always been positive for me.”

“I would very much recommend Wokingham as a place to work providing excellent training and work opportunities as well as support for progression and development of skills“.

“I was quickly made to feel a valued member of the team and I have built some good working relationships with my colleagues and those senior to me.”

“I have felt very well supported by my colleagues and managers and my case load has always been manageable.”

“I feel valued within the service and like that there is an open dialogue with senior managers, which means staff feel listened to.”

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