Work Experience at Jobsgopublic

Arran Williams, November 23, 2016

We recently had two young ladies choose our company to complete their work experience for the week. We asked them to come up with a blog that summed up their time here. Here is what they had to say:


Christy (age 15):

My experience at Jobsgopublic was an experience definitely worth having. All the employees were really kind and passionate about their work. Originally I thought that the workplace wouldn’t be like it is, as a certified teenager the go to opinion of work life is just stress stress STRESS, but after coming here I’ve realised that in fact it can be a really happy place.

I’ve learnt the process of getting a job online, offering jobs online and from now on will not disregard any sort of job for being stressful. Even the simplest of tasks can be the most frustrating. Though, I won’t let it discourage me :)

The process of getting the job done is calmer, and simpler than I thought. Employees communicating via email was something for some reason I didn’t think would occur, like in movies, I thought that a person would just talk but I suppose the modern tech has made the workplace high tech. Maybe it’s not so bad, in fact it’s possible that years from now you’ll be able to look back at the development of how you and your colleague communicated, and laugh.

The team were all very kind to us, I’m very thankful for this as both of us (me and Maria) were shy at first. It was also very considerate of them to try and restrain their profanity, that’s why I didn’t tell them that was one of my very common habits (ask Maria, she knows. Also don’t tell my mother).

Thanks to all at Jobsgopublic for having me, I hope to see you all again. Perhaps you’ll see my name amongst your applications :P


Maria (age 14):

My experience at Jobsgopublic was incredibly memorable. Unlike other work experiences like working at supermarkets, primary schools, local library or pharmacies,  this experience isn’t an everyday opportunity anyone can get.

Work experience gives you an insight into the working world, how a company works and its atmosphere. During this week, we were set up with different teams throughout the company and took away some great knowledge from each of them.

One thing I learnt is that I would’ve presumed that taking phone calls was easy, however when you have a difficult client on the phone it’s really not the case. It’s sad really :(

It’s great to experience being in an office because how its stereotyped in movies is different to reality. The aura is friendly and its basically a big family. It’s not rowdy and people don’t shout or try to sell what they offer by force. Christy and I learnt a lot in the short week we spent here. I could even be tempted to apply for a job here in the near future. So see you soon maybe, yeah? :D