Is the Charity sector the place for you?

Arran Williams, July 20, 2017

charity (5)The feel good factor alone is enough for anyone to take up charity as their chosen career path. You can truly make a real difference to the lives of others and grow significantly as an individual. Not to mention the amazing range of benefits that are included.

Those that consider the charity sector will find it thriving with opportunity, allowing them to follow their passion and be involved with something they are genuinely interested in.

Our blog takes a look at some of the skills needed and a few of the roles available to help to give you some guidance on this excellent career path!



It is important to know what skills are needed for you to really excel within the charity sector. You may be surprised to learn that you have already picked up the relevant skills from previous jobs/studying.

One of the main ones, and probably the most important, is team-working and people skills. Successful charities require a great amount of support from people working together for a unified cause. This makes it essential for you to be able to be a strong, empathetic team player to help achieve greatness!

Another desirable attribute is the ability to be passionate and enthusiastic about the goals you’re working towards. One of the beautiful things about working for a charity is that you can select a cause that you genuinely care about and use this as a motivation in your work.


The roles

To gain a better understanding of some of the work that goes on, or simply if you already work in charity and are looking for a new venture, we have put together a small handful of charity roles so you can see what (if any) spark your interest.

Care & Support Worker

Care and support workers work with a range of vulnerable individuals. From elderly people, young offenders, to those with learning difficulties. There really is a huge amount that this field covers. No two days are typically the same and the positive difference that you can make to an individual’s life is extremely rewarding!

 Salaries: £18k – 20k per year

 Trainer - Sport & Leisure

Individuals who work within sport and leisure will typically help to inspire young people to achieve qualifications and improve their life opportunities. They utilise the values of sport as a positive vehicle of change, whilst teaching in fun and exciting environments.

 Salaries: £24k - £26k per year

Housing Co-ordinator

Working as a Housing Co-ordinator requires you be organised, adaptable, and an excellent communicator. The housing sector is not only about the building itself, but about creating a strong community and thriving environment for tenants to live in.

Salaries: £22k - £24k per year

If none of these take your fancy, there are plenty more on offer.

Why choose the charity sector?

There are multiple benefits of working within the charity sector. The experience that you gain can be incredible, not to mention help you to go further within your career. There are many transferable skills that you can take away to apply to jobs outside of the charity sector should you choose to move on.

Another benefit is that many charities, depending on the field you go in, can allow you to travel around the world!

Finally, the feeling that you get from helping those who are less fortunate than you is feeling like no other.

Still not sure?

If you are still unsure if this is the right career choice for you, how about volunteering at a local charity?

This will give you hands-on experience and allow you to really get a feel for what is in store. By doing this, it also helps you to network and build valuable contacts for the future.

Check out some of our volunteering roles here.



The main aims of working in such great organisations is for you to really help and strengthen communities for those who need it most.

If you feel that working for a charity is your calling, don’t hesitate and apply today!