Working in the Housing Sector

Arran Williams, March 21, 2016

Housing-Finance-GroupFor those who don’t know, housing is a flourishing and extremely varied sector to work in.

From giving advice to the homeless, to allocating houses to tenants, it can be both a rewarding and challenging career choice, with an incredible variety of jobs on offer.

The housing sector is not only about the building itself, but about creating a strong community and thriving environment for tenants to live in.

Whether you are a careers advisor, a teacher, a recent graduate or are simply looking to change your career direction, there are plenty of roles available to suit all different interests and skill sets.


Many people may be put off from applying for a role in housing due to little knowledge of the skills needed to pursue a career in it. However, it may come as a surprise to hear that you do not necessarily need prior housing experience to succeed.

If you have strong communication skills and the ability to deal with a range of different people and personalities you could be highly suited to a range of housing roles, so don’t let lack of experience in the sector deter you from applying.

The Roles

To gain a better understanding of some of the work that goes on, we have put together a list of a few housing roles so you can see what (if any) spark your interest.

Housing Officer- Individuals who work in this department of housing will need to have good verbal and written communication skills. This role is typically high pressured, so you will have to have an adaptable approach to be able to work in this type of environment. Your main role will be to help tenants find suitable housing but will also include, interviewing applicants, providing welfare advice and responding to tenants’ enquires.
Salaries: between £19k to £21k a year. With experience, between £20k and £35k.

Domestic Worker- If you are creative and resilient this could be the perfect role for you. Individuals who take on this role will be caring, hands-on, motivated and able to bring a sense of fun to the job. Responsibilities include undertaking a wide range of domestic tasks for elderly people, ensuring that their homes are kept in a clean and homely condition according to individual needs and wishes.
Salaries: between £17k to £21k a year.

Neighbourhood Officer- Typically a Neighbourhood Officer will have prior experience within housing. They will be motivated and result driven individuals who are able to prioritise and lead multiple projects. Key responsibilities include developing relationships with stakeholders, delivering services and finding new ways to improve efficiency and productivity.
Salaries: between £20k to £35k.

These are just a handful of the roles that the sector has to offer. To see a full range of current housing vacancies, check them out here.

Why Choose Housing

One of the main benefits of choosing to work in the housing sector is the sense of pride you can take from working in an organisation that makes such a positive difference to vulnerable people within communities.

The housing sector offers a wide range of challenging and rewarding careers built on strong foundations of values, ethics and professional standards, not to mention that typically no two days are ever the same.

It is a sector filled with a wide range of diversity and people, which is what makes it so unique and character building.


Although as stated before, prior experience within housing is not essential for every role, a tip to get ahead of the competition would be try and get experience within a charity that deals with vulnerable people. This will to give you a clearer insight into the emotional side of dealing with individuals in hardship.

Check our range of volunteering vacancies here.


The main aims for anyone working within this sector is to help improve people’s chances in life and to create an environment that people can flourish in.

If you want to make a positive difference within a great and growing sector, then apply today!