#YourJob Twitter Job Fair

Sam Wilson, February 20, 2015

On Tuesday February 24th, Twitter will be holding a Job Fair with a difference. Rather than having to fight your way through the crowds or wander round a venue trying to find the one person you want to talk to (“If I don’t find Stand E37 soon I’m going to scream!!”) this particular fair will be taking place entirely online.

Employers, recruiters and job seekers alike will be taking to Twitter and congregating around the hashtag #YourJob to share guidance, advice and vacancies.

So join us on the 24th and be part of the conversation.

We will be offering the opportunity to ask any questions that you might have to help you in your job search or career. In the build up to and on the day you can tweet us @JobsGoAdvice with the hashtag #AskJobsgopublic or post on our Facebook page.

We will also be creating a melting pot of career advice from a huge range of contributors. Let us know the best advice you’ve ever received and find all others at the hashtag #BestCareerAdvice.

The #YourJob fair will be the first of its kind and will be the place to find the best vacancies and advice.

Get involved!